Global Textiles

African Jewel by quilt Allison Wilbur made with African wax textiles and dark blue indigo fabric.
African Jewel by Allison Wilbur 2020. 63 x 63

African Jewel

African wax textiles offer a rich array of bold colors and intriguing patterns. The on point square and smaller half square triangles remind me of the facets of a cut gemstone. African women, resplendent in outfits made from these gorgeous fabrics, are the true jewels of the continent. There strength is mirrored in these bold fabrics and their ability to  weave together their communities is inspirational.

"In or Out" Art Quilt by Allison Wilbur which shows the walled city of Carcassone in the south of France with earthen walls and turrets.
In or Out by Allison Wilbur 2019 47 x 20

In or Out

In the summer of 2019, Dick and I took a trip with friends to the south of France, where we rented a canal boat and spent a week gently motoring along the Canal du Midi. The trip concluded in the medieval city of Carcasonne, with its enormous walled city on the top of the hill overlooking the countryside. These early walled cities were fortresses, meant to protect the twonspeople. Standing on the ramparts looking out, I pondered whether one would be safer in the exposed fields below, possibly trampled by the invading army, or confined to the walled city, potentially placed under siege and facing starvation. In life, is it safer to remain safe with protected walls, or to venture out into the wide open spaces?

East Meets West 2013 41 x 41

East Meets West

The center panel of this quilt was for sale in a thrift shop so I rescued it and gave it a proper setting. Using the colors, patterns and shapes, I brought these same elements into the outside piecing, fabrics and quilting motifs. Hence the name, where Indian stitching meets American quilting traditions.

Indigo Sampler by Allison Wilbur 2015

Indigo Sampler

Indigo Sampler with fabrics from Japan, France, Holland, South Africa, China, Tibet, United States and hand dyed shibori. Pattern is Basement Floor by Sharon Mayers of Piecing with Poppers.

Toile sampler quilt using a wide variety of toile fabrics with figures frolicking in the countryside. Brown sashing strips separate the squares.

Toile Sampler

The center blue and cream square of toile fabric from France was the seed which became this large sampler quilt. Included are toile inspired patterns depicting a wide variety of scenes, including Mayflower passengers, Day of the Dead picnics and a quilting bee!