Art quilt by Alilison Wilbur with traditional shhofly blocks on the tops and bottom with embroidered quote. The center third of the quilt is a collage of the embroidered figure of a woman in quaker dress, a painting of the Mass State house a stitched quote, and other elements

Stand Up, Speak Out

Stand Up, Speak Out was created for the exhibit Women’s Voices, Women’s Votes, Women’s Rights which is on display at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas from September 2022 to April 2023. This quilt honors sisters Angelina and Sarah Grimke who were active members of the abolition movement and became some of the …

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Art quilt by Allison Wilbur of a bamboo grove with a brightly colored stepping stone path.

The Illuminated Path

The Illuminated Path by Allison Wilbur 2021 As a quilter, I think of our society not as a melting pot, where everything blends together and becomes amalgamated, but as a quilt. Each individual brings their own ancestry, cultural traditions, and view of the world. This multiplicity enriches our community by bringing a wide variety of …

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Tecumseh by Allison Wilbur 2021


Tecumseh by Allison Wilbur 2021 “Tecumseh” is a commission for a woman living in New Hampshire. Susan recently purchased her home  and wanted artwork that reflected the beautiful scenery outside her windows and would fill a large space created by a cathedral ceiling. Susan knew of my work through her brother, Jay McKay, a painter …

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Art quilt by Allison Wilbur Painting egret in white with a background of leaves and a foreground of lily pads. The great has caught a frog

Evening Meal

Evening Meal Predator and prey live in balance, both sustaining and ending life. This whole cloth quilt began as a drawing, was shaped with machine quilting, and brought to life with fabric paints. I began work on this quilt with a study of water lily pads and a lotus bud. I was working from a …

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Art quilt of a great horned owl in flight against a dark green background. The owl is constructed from shibori dyed blue and white fabric.


“Incoming” is a great horned owl that grew out of a pile of shibori dyed fabric. Pole wrapping (arashi shibori) creates feather like patterns, which got me to thinking about birds. I started by making a drawing. Usually this is one of the longest steps in the process. I look at lots of photos for …

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Bounty of the Seas by Allison Wilbur 2015

Bounty of the Seas

I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps this week and realized it is probably because our latest Quilt for Change exhibit, Water is Life, is opening in Geneva at the United Nations European headquarters and I am not there. So much work goes into these exhibits that it almost feels like birthing a …

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Shirley Saulnier and All Boxed In

My First Customer

Today I am shifting between grief and gratitude as I remember my first customer, Shirley Saulnier, who passed last week after a long battle with cancer.  Shirley brightened every room she came into and every life she touched.  I cannot imagine the number of us who are grieving, as she touched so many lives as …

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