Small art quilt with green butterfly on black background
Transformation (12 x 12)
Xeno (NFS)
Ikebana (12 x 12)
Still Life with Eggplant (12x 12)
Beach Boys 13 x 13
Sashiko Lighthouse 12 x 12
Mini art quilt portrait of African Woman
African Tailor 12 x 12
Machine Sashiko Stitched peony on indigo background
Sashiko Peony 12 x 12
Mini painted art quilt with hummingbird feeding at zinnia flowers
Hummingbird & Zinnias 12 x 12
Big Meal 12 x 12
Upwelling, a small art quilt by ALLISON WILBUR depicting a school of jellyfish floating in the water with luminous white bodies and dangling blue tentacles.
Upwelling 12 x 12
Mini art quilt with red stop sign shape and the letters HATE spelled out in buttons
Stop Hate 12 x 12
small art quilt by Allison Wilbur of water lily pads and lotus bud.
Lotus Bud by Allison Wilbur 2018 20 x 15
Small art quilt with Japanese tea house standing in a bamboo grande with the hint of paths alongside.
Teahouse 27 x 25