Shirley Saulnier and All Boxed In

My First Customer

Today I am shifting between grief and gratitude as I remember my first customer, Shirley Saulnier, who passed last week after a long battle with cancer.  Shirley brightened every room she came into and every life she touched.  I cannot imagine the number of us who are grieving, as she touched so many lives as

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A dream come true

Over the last few years Dick and I have visited Tiverton and Little Compton during the summer open studio events.  There is something about going directly to the spot where an artist does their creating that gives you great insight into their thought processes.  What do they see outside their window? How do they set

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Open Studio

  Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since my last post, during which time we moved into – and renovated fully – a new house, one that offers me not only a terrific new studio but a whole new addition to my quilting business and creative outlet. Call me crazy, but I work

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Hollyhocks by Allison Wilbur 2015 based on Virginia Avery's watercolor, Hollyhocks

Paint Every Day

My mother’s recent passing has had me thinking a great deal of all the beautiful gifts she passed on to her three daughters and to the many students she taught watercolor.  I think one of the most valuable lessons I learned was “Paint every day.” For most of her life, my mother did something connected

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For Debbie

I love teaching. I love sharing what I have learned in my years of quilting and seeing my students blossom.  Best of all is having a class that meets on a regular basis so I get to know my students and they get to know me and each other. There is something about that mix

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